Necropolis Hamilton

When you spend enough time
with a lion, the idea of
roaring becomes more and
more reasonable
- from Citizen X

In the Shadowlands of Ontario, located at the tip of lake by the same name, is a small Necropolis. Hamilton, having only about 318,000 population, and close to 600,000 in the larger Hamilton-Wentworth area, is an important Canadian city. It is both the industry might of Canada and the home of at least one major ley line nexus and a multitude of smaller ones. But this not all: it is also one of the last strongholds the Camarilla has in eastern Canada against the Sabbat, and it has an alliance almost never thought possible. What does this all have to with the Necropolis, you ask? This bizarre Awakened Alliance includes Mages, Kindred, Garou, and the Fae, but more importantly, the Guilds. This has created a strange fluctuation in the power of Hamilton's Shadowlands.

Hamilton's main export is steel. And over the process of refining ores, some of the destroyed components will appear in the Shadowlands. This effect, discovered by the Artificers Guild, has given rise to a new alloy called Darksteel. Some is used to create Hamilton's own Machine Corps. But the local Hierarchy is not about to let the Guilds take over, no matter what toys or friends they might have...

Necropolis: Hamilton is just one part of a larger picture. The chronicle is called Hamilton By Night . This chronicle allows you to play whatever supernatural (or not so supernatural) creature you wish. The chronicle has been going for two years now and practically no one had played a wraith! So, being a new recruit to the chronicle, I took it upon myself to take the soulforged torch and lead wraithkind to greater glory or, well, Oblivion. It's not easy playing a wraith when everyone else is playing mages, werewolves and changelings, oh my! But that is what makes it so fun. That great thing called communication that everyone takes for granted suddenly becomes your worse problem. But fear not. In Hamilton there always a mage with a least one dot in Spirit Magick near by. But if worse comes to worse, there is always Bob . Even though I'm only a player, Arawn has given me permission to expand the Necropolis of Hamilton. Here it is, in all its glory.

This is my first website attempt, and I hope to have it a good level soon.

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March 11, 1999

In an effort to get ready for my first chronicle session, I've been frantically writing up more characters and haunts. First, the Renegade area is now up. I have four new characters, two Hierarchy, one Renegade, one Guildwraith. Two new haunts as appear on the site in the Hierarchy and Renegade sections. The History of the Hierarchy has been moved to the main page, as I figured it's detailed enough to include all of the factions. Finally a listing of all the Anacreons is up in the Hierarchy’s area and soon descriptions shall accompany them. That wraps up this update. Next update will hopefully be big as the March break is just a leap of faith away.


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