Other Paths

What, you wish to journey to other distant lands. This is as far as I can take you. Below are links to friends sites, or sites similar to this subject. Be careful of your travels, my domain ends here and I can not guarantee your safety.

Web Site Owner Description
Hamltion By Night Arawn Necropolis: Hamilton's parent site, HbN is a chonicle run by Arawn based on White Wolf's World of Darkness.
The Wanderer's Haven Twilight Wanderer A friend's page consisting of poetry, fanfic and stories. Like mine, it is still in it's early stages.
Entropy's Dark Little Corner Entropy This realm contains information on Lexx (who is God) Decsent, and has his poetry. Entropy is working on Dreamscape, a large section based on his study of dreams. When it comes to graphics and writing, Entropy is one of the best.
Necropolis: Hamilton