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Necropolis: Hamilton

This page contain the general history of Hamilton's shadowlands. Hamilton was estibalished in 1845 A.D., and the Necropolis itself was not founded until 1890's A.D. Hamilton's underworld has had a long and rich history.

Industrialization (1840-1880)

Early 1800's saw an industrializing boom for this small township. Towering steel mills and furnaces soon caressed the harbour. Just to the south, tall thin Victorian houses were built to accommodate the steel workers and their families. A highway stretched around the Golden Horseshoe, and continued parallel to the lake. Many small shops opened for business along the road to support Hamilton's labour. This street would become the burnt-out downtown of the slowly declining city we know today. Even before this time, a fortress was erected to help protect the bay. Its cannons high above the water level pointed outward to protect this new site from the French and other enemies at the time.

At this time, the only Necropolis in any sense of the word existed in Kingston. What once believe to be Canada's future capital had the only real Hierarchy representative. A large outpost was just across the bay at Toronto. From there small patrols of ten and a reaper would be sent to collect up those new enfants, yet freed from their cauls. Eventually, an office was established at Dundurn castle. It was also noted that the shroud of this area grew thin quite often.

Unfortunately, a rather large group of wraiths, claiming to be the Habour Boys, had been slowly growing in power. They were considered Renegades, even though they knew no other life. The two factions began a skirmish for the newly appeared wraiths. The Harbour Boys, quite upset about having their land taken out from under them, quickly set about exterminating these "self-proclaimed rulers" from the town. Their assault against the castle, though out numbering the Legionaries, was poorly planned and thus doomed to fail. Believing he had cut a bloody swathe through the Renegades' ranks, the Marshall decided it would be best to finish them off. What he did not seem to realize is that the Harbour boys had been here for decades, and they had friends. Needless to say, when the Legionaries left their fortress, they where on the Boys' turf. There were many more Renegades then first expected, and many of the soldiers found their Fetters being eliminated. The Habour Boys had gained the assistance of Puppeteers. Hamilton soon fell under Renegade control, and the incompetent Marshall was given the consequences of his failure.

Within the next few years, several Hierarchy spies would infiltrate and gain knowledge of the Harbour Boys. A tactically proven Marshall was then chosen for the grand assault. Marshal Harvey Finkle of the Grim Legion would lead five squads of Legionnaires across the bay and to victory. This time the Marshal knew his enemy, and started to root them out. Though outnumbered, both the soldiers' skill and Marshal Finkle's leadership would bring success to the Hierarchy. Iron Legion Artificers, Architects and Engineers began development of a new Headquarters. It would be located at the site of Dofasco's main building. Nearby, a rail system would be setup to ship enfants, thralls, and goods to Stygia or Kingston.

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Necropolis: Hamilton