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Necropolis Hamilton
Locations of the Guilds

Guild Location
Harbinger T,H&B Station
Pardoners Cathedral
Protors Bandshell in Gage Park
Oracles Alexander Park
Artificers Dofasco Warehouse
Chanteurs Hamilton Convention Center
Monitors Royal Connaught Hotel

Pardoners' Chapter House
Sitting on the north-west corner of the Necropolis is the Cathedral. It is a home to the Roman Catholic Church, but more importantly, to the Pardoners Guild. Originally the first Anacreons of Hamilton were going to build their Citadel at this location, but many argued that it was too far from the core of the city. That, and the pressure of the Pardoner's Guild to take the large Gothic Haunt, made them choose otherwise. Most Pardoner activity is at night to avoid the general mass of student bodies that go to the high school there. The Cathedral is of Gothic design, with it's flying buttresses, pointed arches and stained glass windows. The church itself does not have the cross floorplan, like its larger European cousins. It consists of a long sanctuary with a tower at the end. There are smaller buildings surrounding it which are used as classrooms and meeting places. Underground are the locations of the offices, private castigation rooms, torture chambers for those who need extra strength castigation and finally the soul room. Inside the well guard soul room is Soul Lantern, were all the pardoners bring the angst collected from their cleansings.


Necropolis Hamilton