Necropolis: Hamilton - Guilds

Necropolis: Hamilton

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Guilds have been in Hamilton since its beginning, even before the Hierarchy. From the first Puppeteers, to the recently arrived Oracles. The Artificers dispute the fact that the Puppeteers were the first here, claiming the title for themselves. This has created problems between the two Guilds. Another old Guild in the city is the Pardoners. It started as nothing but a missionary circle that came to cleanse the local Renegades which decided to settle down and become one of the most powerful Guilds in the city. But some Guilds have not fared as well.

The Haunters have had many troubles in Hamilton- They seem connected to every major disaster in the city, and have more enemies then friends. Not all of the Guilds are like that. The Sandmen have built one of the most popular Haunts among the Gaunts of the area, and the Chanteurs have brought much emotion and happiness to these Shadowlands. The Artificers have given much to the Necropolis. They have helped build the wall, discovered a new alloy, and many other things, but they too have their dark secrets. Over the past century, the Guilds have always been split. Siding with the Hierarchy, the Artificers, Pardoners, Masquers, and Harbingers have always been loyal. The Monitors, Usurers, Chanteurs and Oracles have always tried to stay neutral. The rest have usually sided with Renegades. But since the 1953 Maelstrom, the Guild/Hierarchy relation has been shaken and declining ever since.

Now with the signing of the Alliance, the Hierarchy trusts the Guilds even less. Some, like the Harbingers and the Pardoners, have no bad intentions against them. The Artificers, on the other hand, are no longer wanting to put up with the Hierarchy lack of trust. There is now much talk of a coup, using the Alliance as a backing. These rumours are quickly dispelled by the Guild elders.



Necropolis: Hamilton