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Necropolis Hamilton
Locations of the Renegades

Corktown Tavern (Haunt: Three Dots, Memorian: Two Dots)
Corktown is the Irish district of Hamilton just north-east of the downtown. Just on the south-western corner lies a two-story tavern dating back to the 30's. It's Skinland residents tend to be superstitious and consider it haunted, due to it's weak shroud. But no other place has Kelly O'Brien's special drinks and the ghosts aren't all that bad, so the tavern has no lack of patrons. The Haunt has always been controlled by Renegades, even though it was within the great walls. The Shadowlands tavern is currently being taken care of by Pierre Claud LaFloume. Though he was a Frenchman, the original resident, Tollie, handed the Haunt to Pierre after he saved her life. It is a place for free wraiths (or even Legionnaires) to sit back and shot the breeze. No attacks can be expected, as Pierre is a feared Renegade who has a silent agreement to leave the Hierarchy alone, as they will leave his tavern alone in turn. It is used often for secret meetings between all sorts of individuals.


Necropolis Hamilton