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Characters of the Renegades

The Restless of the Dead

The rebellious young actors to the century old monoliths, everything not part of the Hierarchy is a Renegade. Heretics and Guildwraiths may have something to say about this. The best possible description of a Renegade is anything that doesn’t fit into the other three categories. Though stereotyped as rebellious anarchs, many just want to be left alone, or left explore their surroundings without the responsibilities of the Hierarchy. Yet there is no lack criminals among them. Originally the city contained runaways from the growing influence of Stygia. However when the warriors of the Dark Kingdom of Iron came knocking, these Renegades bared arms and proved they meant business. But it would be in vain as they would eventually lose control of the growing town. The Renegade population has fluxed greatly in the past couple of centuries, but there has always been a board spectrum of personalities in the Renegades.

Pierre Claud LaFloume
The mists of time have destroyed many of Pierre's memories of the past, including his original name. In fact he's had several. The last name he could remember is Zechs. He was originally part of some organization or government (probably Rome), but became dissatisfied with the corruption that grew among the ranks. He wasn't of Roman birth, and helped to quicken the great empire's fall. His death was at the hands of another which lead him to the Grim Legion. It wasn't until Zechs became the rank of Regent did he realize that this empire was no better then the last. Then one day, on a inspection of Legionnaires, Zechs vanished, believed to have been taken by Spectres. Zechs had no interest in destroying the Hierarchy, but would prefer to just live a peaceful life. Unfortunately, neither Renegade nor Legionnaire would allow that. The New World proved to be his only escape. During his stay in the new land, a Lemure assisted, Zechs. They both met in Montreal, the Lemure's name was Pierre Claud LaFloume. Unforunately, the Lemure was caught, and the old renegade couldn't save him. So Zechs took up his name in honor of the Lemure that had shown more coruage then himself. At least one of his Fetters has remained in good condition through the Quicks' effort in restoration, so he makes an effort to visit it now and then. But recently he has gained a new Fetter, the tavern which he haunts. Pierre is now an old and powerful Renegade, but prefers to keep out of larger affairs. Yet somehow, he can't help being dragged into them. He's very much a loner, and has no group to hang with; nor does he want one. He'll assist anyone in need always remembering the Lemure by his same name. But you must go at terrible lengths to convince him to help your cause outside of saving your hide.


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