Hierarchy - Locations

Necropolis: Hamilton
Haunts of the Hierarchy

Hall of Fate (Haunt: Four Dots, Memorian: Four Dots)
Just before the high-level bridge leading to Burlington, a large historical monument stands to the colonial days of Canada. Known as Dundurn Castle, it has the appearance of a smallish French chateau. Neo-classical and Baroque paintings adorn the walls, the floor is complemented with expensive Persian rugs, and all of the furniture has been finely carved and embellished by skilled craftsmen. Just to the south-east is a smaller building which is now used as a war museum, and an armory for it's ghostly occupants. It has been around longer than the city and has seen much. The castle's Shroud rating tends to drop quite significantly at night, and many of the Quick have reported sighting of ghosts in the its halls. The Legion of Fate calls the castle its home, and most of their business is taken up there. Only in the most dire situations will the Fated make an appearance at the Citadel. The aviary was converted to a barracks for wraiths to spend (if any) free time. Sir John A. Macdonald's (The most well-known owner of the manor) personal office is used by Lilith Natheran, the Legion of Fate's Anacreon. This is by far the most luxurious setting in the house with a large dark oak desk, and a huge collection of ancient texts.

But the Legion must share the castle with other residents; one of the city's few Nosferatu make his home there. The Cainite usually keeps to himself and the wraiths leave him alone. The basement is also used by members of the Martyr Knights. There the Doomslayers perform their experiments and tests, the training of new slayers, and a safe room with the Spectre prisoners. If space becomes tight, some Spectres my be fed to the forges, but most are sent on the Worthington back to Stygia and the main headquarters of the Martyr Knights. The basement is grim compared to the Legion's floors. Both the walls and the floors are constructed with stone, and the ceiling is made of large planks of wood. A small amount of light comes from the small iron-frame windows. It resembles a dungeon with its catacomb of passages and variety of torture devices. Up on the first floor in the study, Hamilton's head Martyr, Lloyd M. Gibbons, receives and gives orders and conducts more pleasant business.

Hall of Madness (Haunt: Three Dots, Memorian: Three Dots)
A fairly new complex, the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital was originally placed on the escarpment to keep away from the populace, but eventually the populace moved to it. The hospital itself is host to many strange and weird characters, which tends to bring down the Shroud rating. This makes it one of the more bearable locations on the Mountain. The Haunters Guild was its first resident, after being chased by many other factions. Because of the Haunters' carelessness, the Guild had few friends and many enemies. The Guild was finally chased out of the lower city, and resided in the HPH for nearly forty years. Earlier in the `90s, the city's Malkavian Primogen, Buddy Love, made the hospital his home. This, of course, did not bother the Haunters, as it meant more victims. However, in recants months, the Malkavians got up and left and the Haunters have been chased from their home. The Penitent Legion, in an effort to gain an upper hand on the guilds, mounted an assault on the Hospital. The Haunters were ill-prepared and were quickly placed back to their original state as a nomadic group. Now, the Hospital serves as the Penitent Legion's Hall of Madness, where they hold meetings, train themselves, and reap the victims of madness. The Hierarchy now holds claim to the only strong point of the mountain. The Hospital has many winding hallways, filled with relic wheelchairs and beds that are in desperate need of oil. The basement is much like a dungeon with cries of mental sickness. This could drive many a mortal mad, but is soothing to the Legionnaires of the same aliment.


Necropolis: Hamilton