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Necopolis Hamilton

Characters of the Hierarchy

These here are the proud wraiths, who’s sole purpose is to protect the kingdom, and populace of Stygia. These few, dedicate their afterlives, to save your sorry behind from the Spectres that swarm out of the Labyrinth. They help build, the great monuments of Stygian society, to both protect us from the Maelstroms, or to make your worthless deaths a little more enjoyable. Now recruits, you will pay them the respect they deserve, or else you might as well join the rest of these losers headed for the forges. Maybe, just maybe, will you be able to stand among these great warriors. But in the shape you deadboys are, I doubt you’ll amount to anything. Okay, steady up. Training Company, A - TTEN- TION!

Captain Olan Xavier Huxley
Legion: Emerald Legion
Rank: Overlord
Xavier had a wonder naval career in His Majesty's fleets. He commanded the Burmingham, a large English galley. Xavier was proud of his ship which he kept tight as a nail. But this pride caused him to overestimate the likelihood of the ships' survival in a storm. This failing would cost the Burmingham's crew's life, including the captain. When recruited by the Emerald Legion, Xavier would not forget his grievous mistake. His strong naval background put him as second officer on a small frigate. Xavier's rank grew, as did his post, and soon he was commanding a large war ship again. He vowed never to lose his commanding edge as he had done on that stormy night. Weather or not this remains true has yet to be seen. His subordinates consider him cruel, yet effective. He always keeps a tight ship, but doesn't let his crew's morale stay low. Unfortunately, he never seems pleased. No matter how well he does, he is always reminded that he had to learn the hard way. Just over 300 years since his death, the good Captain has been a signed to a large tanker known as the Worthington. At first, Xavier was appalled by this mistreatment, placing him in charge of a merchant's ship. However, Xavier's commanding and tactical skills were needed, as he would fight off Spectre and Tempest creatures alike.

Legion: Gaunt Legion
Rank: Marshall
No one really knows much of her life. It is rumored that she was a 1800's gunslinger in the Yukon, or a Yankee soldier during the American Civil War. It was also said, to gain respect, she always dressed as a man, so that no one knew she was a woman. But it would seem that it wasn't the fighting that took her, it was the Scarlet Fever. Whether it was true or not matters little now. There's little bias of sex in the Underworld, and where it counts, Katrina has it. She's ruthless, tactical, has excellent leadership and gunfighting skills. She doesn't care for brown-nosing, nor paper work. Hence, for the past hundred years, she has remained at her favored rank. Most Renegades fear her, for she walks quietly, and carries a big gun. She gains respect from both above and below her through her calm, cool ways. Many higher ranking individual would like to soulforge her, as she is unpredictable firecracker. Others see her usefulness in keeping the Renegades in check. So Marshall continues to get away with what others wouldn't dare.


Necopolis Hamilton